Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Arab Slave Trade

After years of researching hidden history and pre-history, I stumbled upon a subject I knew nothing about, the Irish Slaves and other white slaves. There were millions of Irish and other European slaves. Viking raids on Celtic villages often resulted in children being sold on the Arab slave trade for harem boys and girls.

Little known to me was the saga of the Irish (and British) slaves shipped to the colonies of America, during the 1600s. In fact, historians are now stating that white slaves came first to the Americas and there were more white slaves in the colonies then black slaves. Forced mating between black and white slaves came later and when the number of slaves began to outnumber the number of slave owners, the miscengeneration laws of America came into existance.

School children in America were taught about indentured servants being brought to America, but these people were slaves and their servitude was not voluntary and they were often worked to death or bred out. Even more shocking to me is the fact that may Irish Heritage museums have no knowledge of the saga of the Irish slaves, let alone those of the British orphans and kidnap victims who were sold into bondage for sugar cane and tobacco plantations.
Even less known about is the Arab Slave Trade.  There is evidence that this slave trade is still in existance, today.

I will try and post some solid evidence from this tragic history of Europeans and Africans, so please be patient as I take the time to research this subject. There will also be a sister blog called the theirishslaves.blogspot.com, that will examine the little publicized story of the Irish slaves.

Thank you,

Rita Jean Moran

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